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Logos & Word Marks

This logo design portfolio showcases a selection of modernist logo designs and custom word marks meticulously crafted for clients from a wide range of industries.

Each logo design is crafted to thoughtfully distill the brand’s key attributes into a unique mark that effectively identifies the brand as well as successfully conveys these key attributes to the ideal client at a quick glance.

Explore selected logo mark designs in greater detail, including design rationale and context behind each project, by clicking on the images with active links.

Promote Disability™

Crafting the brand identity of a pioneering podcast that amplifies awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities in business

Family Apparel Movement

Developing the brand identity of a lifestyle brand that's inspired by family activity

Iba & Uba

Infusing quiet luxury into a men's premium leather brand


Rebranding a SaaS firm providing simulation lab management solutions


Constructing a space-themed brand identity for a political SaaS platform

Knock Knock Tavern

Rebranding a storied Mississippi bar and diner

Cherry Hill

Crafting a distinguished brand for a Seattle alcoholic beverage retailer

Love You Well

Crafting a warm and comforting brand identity for a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting spirits and hope for women

GrayMatter Interactive

Developing a unique brand identity for a marketing firm

Letter M Shield

A minimalist vision of a heraldry-inspired shield design

Rock Your Type™

Developing a unique brand for a typeface-inspired line of products

WHGR Monogram

Distinctive modern monogram logo consisting of 4 letters WHGR

Northern Cardinal

Fusing traditional heraldry with minimalist aesthetic

Exclusive Forever

A luxurious custom word mark with a modern and minimalist aesthetic


Crafting a unique brand identity for a medical cryptocurrency brand

Light Flare

Modern geometric logo mark design

Xcalibur Studio

Developing a tech-forward identity for a blockchain crowdsourcing community

Run Aground

Establishing a period-inspired brand identity & designing a unique product for a nautically-themed bar


Modernist logo mark design

Letter S

Dynamic letter S

Letter M + Heart

Geometric heart shape + letter M logo for a French Brand

Vault Fund

Crafting the identity of a tech-focused venture capital firm

Bryter Path

Crafting a new identity for a transformational life coaching brand

2 Step Reviews

Reimagining the identity of an online review platform

Enzo Custom

Refreshing the identity of a bespoke men’s apparel company

Enzo Sartori

Refining the crest of an Italian suit fabric manufacturer

SD Monogram

Modern monogram logo design

Letter M

Modernist letter mark design

Community Serve

Designing a contemporary sub-mark for a new church initiative

Clarity Squared

Crafting a clever logo mark for a digital marketing agency

Happy Hermit

Creating a playful identity for an embroidery company

Atlas Fitness

Shaping the identity of a new personal trainer fitness brand

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