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Logos & Word Marks

This logo design portfolio showcases a selection of modernist logo designs and custom word marks for a wide variety of clients.

Selected logo marks presented here can be viewed in greater detail with rationale and context behind each design by clicking on images with active links.

Knock Knock Tavern

Rebranding a storied Mississippi bar and diner

Letter C

Industrial letter mark design


Rebranding a SaaS firm providing simulation lab management solutions


Constructing a space-themed brand identity for a political SaaS platform

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Directional arrows form a 4-pointed star in this clever healthcare mark

Love You Well

Creating a brand identity for a foundation supporting women undergoing cancer treatment

Letter M Shield

A minimalist vision of a heraldry-inspired shield design

GrayMatter Interactive

Developing a unique brand identity for a marketing firm

Rock Your Type™

Developing a unique brand for a typeface-inspired line of products

WHGR Monogram

Distinctive modern monogram logo consisting of 4 letters WHGR

Northern Cardinal

Fusing traditional heraldry with minimalist aesthetic

Exclusive Forever

A luxurious custom word mark with a modern and minimalist aesthetic


Crafting a unique brand identity for a medical cryptocurrency brand

Light Flare

Modern geometric logo mark design

Xcalibur Studio

Developing a tech-forward identity for a blockchain crowdsourcing community

Run Aground

Establishing a period-inspired brand identity & designing a unique product for a nautically-themed bar


Modernist logo mark design

Letter S

Dynamic letter S

Letter M + Heart

Geometric heart shape + letter M logo for a French Brand

Vault Fund

Crafting the identity of a tech-focused venture capital firm

Bryter Path

Crafting a new identity for a transformational life coaching brand

2 Step Reviews

Reimagining the identity of an online review platform

Enzo Custom

Refreshing the identity of a bespoke men’s apparel company

Enzo Sartori

Refining the crest of an Italian suit fabric manufacturer

Billionaire House

Elevating the identity of a luxury real estate media brand

Letter M

Modernist letter mark design

Community Serve

Designing a contemporary sub-mark for a new church initiative

Clarity Squared

Crafting a clever logo mark for a digital marketing agency


Creating an authentic visual identity for a Christian nonprofit

Coat of Arms

A modern take on a heraldic coat of arms

Happy Hermit

Creating a playful identity for an embroidery company

Atlas Fitness

Shaping the identity of a new personal trainer fitness brand

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