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Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses most of the commonly asked questions about working with zeropoint7 Studio. If you are still not seeing the answer to your question or you would like to clarify something, please contact me here.

About zeropoint7 Studio

What does zeropoint7 mean?

zeropoint7 is a textual representation of 0.7. The inspiration for this name came from the size of the mechanical pencil lead that I use in the idea sketching stage of my creative process. This stage serves as the point where I begin to zero in on the most effective visual identity solutions for my clients.

Do you only design logos?

Do you work with clients in different cities or countries?

What is your creative process like?

Do you outsource your work?

Pricing & Terms

What do your services cost?

The design services that I provide are not a commodity, but are highly-tailored services that depend on a large variety of factors.

Just like having a bespoke tailor-made suit created just for you, my highly-tailored services are absolutely unique to each client I work with. Therefore, the pricing for a given project is dependent upon the information you provide in the Brand Discovery Questionnaire and the specific needs and requirements of your projects that we identify together.

Rest assured, I have worked with startups, nonprofits, as well as brands with an annual revenue exceeding $7 million, so we will be able to find a way to work together, provided you:

  • View investment in design as a valuable investment in the success of your brand, and are prepared to make a reasonable investment in a visual identity created specifically for your brand
  • Understand the significance that purposeful, well-thought-out design plays in brand differentiation
  • Appreciate the immense amount of knowledge, skills, experience, time, thought, and resources that go into developing high-quality visual design solutions

Reach out via my Contact Form, and once we determine the appropriate solutions for your brand, I will be able to provide you with the estimate of the project investment required.

Do you need to know the budget for my project?

What are the payment terms for your services?

Do you require a contract?

What are the different ways we can work together?

Who owns the final deliverables?

Will you keep my business information confidential?

Are you willing to sign an NDA?

Working with zeropoint7 Studio

I'd like to work together. How can we get started?

What happens once I contact you?

Once I receive your information, I will forward you a link to complete my zero in™ Brand Discovery Questionnaire.

This Brand Discovery Questionnaire is an essential tool that I utilize to help me fully comprehend your brand, and capture all the details needed for my design process.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Good design takes time. Great design takes even more time. The top-tier quality of work I deliver to clients is the product of tailored strategy, research, ideation, reflection, analysis, and well-thought-out implementation, all of which requires a significant investment of time.

Every logo design or brand identity project I design is custom-built for each client, and the project timelines vary greatly due to the brand’s needs, the project scope, the complexity of proposed solutions, and the time taken to review and respond with feedback.

Assuming that the client provides timely feedback, on average, a logo design project takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Custom-designed word marks increase that timeline to approximately 6-8 weeks. These timelines provide the time necessary for the analytical and reflective stages in the design process that produce the most effective visual solutions as well as the time for you to ask questions and provide feedback.

Can we schedule a call?

Yes, we certainly can schedule a brief initial call. Reach out via my Contact Form and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your project.

Why is all communication via email?

One of the most important factors that determine the success of any project is effective communication. Communication via email helps us ensure that we do not miss any important details as well as helps us avoid any potential misunderstandings. It also allows us to have everything in writing, from your project request to your final approvals.

Will you send me initial design ideas before I hire you?

Can you just copy or modify this design?

Do you offer unlimited revisions?

How do you present your visual solutions to clients?

What happens once we successfully complete our project?

Can you help identify the brand identity solution for my brand?

Can you help with stationery, embroidery, packaging, apparel or website design?

Do you have pre-designed logos for sale?