Modern Family Crest

Fusing traditional heraldry with minimalist aesthetic

This family crest logo mark combines the best traditions of heraldic design with thoughtfully-applied minimalist design techniques to achieve a modern take on a classic family crest.

The crest consists of a shield contained within a shield, with the inner shield depicting a Northern Cardinal songbird perched on top of a period-inspired door key.

Crest symbolism

The meaningful symbolism of this crest is encapsulated by what the Northern Cardinal represents – lifetime commitment (they pick their mate for life) and loving care for their life partner (the male is regularly observed feeding seeds to his mate).

The oak leaves adorning the inner shield draw from the oak tree’s symbolism to represent strength, longevity, and abundance.

This logo mark is looking for its owner

This family crest logo mark is available for ownership in my Premade Logo Shop.

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