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zeropoint7 Studio

Uncompromising craftsmanship lies at the core of every single solution developed at zeropoint7 Studio

Inside The Studio

zeropoint7 Studio is an award-winning, creative studio crafting elevated brand identities and memorable experiences for ambitious startups, compassionate nonprofits, and established corporations with annual revenues exceeding $4.5 million. With clients from France, Canada, and all over the United States, the studio’s portfolio ranges from providing brand strategy and consulting to constructing comprehensive digital and physical brand identity solutions for clients from a diverse range of industries.

From its founding in 2018, zeropoint7 Studio has been engaged in creating strategically-developed brand identities with visual and tactile experiences that give the brands the presence that matches and exceeds their capabilities. By effectively combining analysis-driven strategy, creative conceptualization, and sound design principles, the studio helps businesses zero in on who they are, what makes them unique, what they want to achieve, and how to express it all visually in an authentic, memorable, and compelling manner.

Behind The Monitor

Hailing from Ukraine, Serge, is an internationally-featured and published brand identity designer who specializes in modernist logo mark design, custom typography, and corporate brand identity development. His designs are featured in a highly-respected design publication - LogoLounge (Volumes 12, 13, & 14), have received the Graphic Design USA award, and have been sold on a variety of apparel and merchandise in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

Serge is passionate about providing his clients with evocative and cohesive visual solutions that elevate their brands and give them a distinct competitive advantage. Convinced that good relationships are the foundation to a project’s success, Serge partners with his clients to establish trusted relationships that last well-after a project’s completion.

As a designer, Serge holds a strong affinity for modernist design and the use of geometry in design. He also has a great adoration for custom typography, lettering, and illustration. In addition to his extensive design knowledge and experience, Serge also holds a BSBA degree in Marketing, which equips him to achieve the perfect blend of left brain + right brain synergy in creating evocative visual solutions that attain concrete business goals for his clients.

Awards & Publications


Top Branding Company
TechBehemoths, 2022

Best Branding Service Provider
UpCity, 2022

Published Work

Logo Lounge 14
TBA, 2023

Logo Lounge 13
Indicia Press, 2022

Logo Lounge 12
Indicia Press, 2020

Exhibited Work

International Logo Exhibition
International Association of Designers,
Moscow, Russia, 2020

Featured Work

Clarity Squared

Happy Hermit, Community Serve

Logo Inspirations
Metanoia, Clarity Squared, Community Serve

Abstract Logotypes
2 Step Reviews

Client Experience

What is it like to work with zeropoint7 Studio? Well, we believe our clients’ personal accounts best convey the exceptional quality of services and the effective relationships that zeropoint7 Studio always delivers.

We're a Match If


You are launching a brand-new venture, refining your existing brand identity, pivoting your business in another direction, or simply desire your brand presence to finally match your capabilities.


You understand the importance of a well-thought-out strategy in design, and recognize the impact that strong branding has on market differentiation and bottom line.


You are prepared to trust my expertise and experience in my craft as much as I am prepared to trust you to be an expert in your line of business.


You appreciate the immense knowledge, skills, experience, time, thought, and resources involved in developing high-level visual and tactile design solutions.


You are ready to make a reasonable investment into the visual and/or tactile solutions crafted specifically for your brand.

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