Love You Well

Headquarters: Duncan, OK

Crafting a warm and comforting brand identity for a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting spirits and hope for women facing challenging circumstances.

The Love You Well Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides a compassionate self-care program supporting women undergoing cancer treatment. The foundation provides care kits, hosts various fund-raising events, and actively promotes awareness about the significant role that self-care plays in one’s healthcare.

As the foundation expanded its reach, the founders realized the imperative to replace the initial logo design used to get the project off the ground. The nonprofit was also in need of a comprehensive logo system that offered the flexibility needed to better represent its diverse initiatives across various digital and physical applications.

Project Scope

  • Logo System Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Pattern Design
  • Social Media Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines Design


  • Nonprofit

A cheerful identity that uplifts spirits and inspires hope

Given the foundation's focus on providing support and care for individuals affected by cancer, the primary objective for the rebranding initiative was to cultivate a warm and comforting visual identity. This was intended to contrast with the overwhelmingly cold, sterile, and clinical visuals and environments typically associated with cancer treatment centers.

Logo design created by zeropoint7 Studio for 2 Step Reviews - a SaaS review platform

Crafting the logo mark

The new logo mark utilizes a hexagon shape as its foundation, while removing its top section and introducing two optically offset lines in its negative space. The resulting logo combines a unique shape of a speech bubble with a 3/4 perspective view of two steps. The speech bubble indicates a client’s review, whereas the steps leading upwards express the growth that clients will experience through the 2 step review process.

Integrating the new identity into physical collateral

The newly-designed brand identity infuses the Self-Care Kits, small keychains, and promotional wrist bands with Love You Well's unique personality that exudes warmth as well as effectively reflects its key attributes.

Everything looks great! I appreciate the time and effort Serge has put in into getting everything just right for our foundation. Looking forward to working with Serge in the future.

Jan LedfordLove You Well Foundation – Founder

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