Clarity Squared

Headquarters: Murrysville, PA

Crafting a clever logo mark for a digital marketing agency

Clarity Squared is a marketing and web development agency with a passion for helping their clients grow through the digital services they offer. They pride themselves on helping small businesses gain clarity in using effective web design and marketing tactics to expand their reach.

zeropoint7 Studio was commissioned to create a distinctive logo mark designed to not only effectively represent the brand to its target market but also artfully incorporate the essence of the brand’s origins into its design.

Project Scope

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design


Embedding the clues to the brand’s story

Combining precise geometry and optically-positioned elements, the unique logo form was designed to reveal two letters “C” to represent the word Clarity “squared.”

The mark’s design also integrates a subtle S-shaped wave to tie the brand in with its Lake Michigan origins, while the angles of the mark mirror the angles of the letter “C” within the Clarity word mark.

Seeing the mark come alive

The logo mark confidently complements the existing word mark and translates extremely well onto a variety of physical and digital applications, authoritatively identifying and representing Clarity Squared across its various brand touch-points.

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