LogoLounge 12 Book

Authors: Bill Gardner & Emily Potts
Published by: Indicia Press

Three logos published in the LogoLounge 12 book

An international judging panel of 10 top identity design professionals reviewed nearly 43,000 logos and selected 3,000 of the world’s top logo marks to be published in the twelfth edition of the best-selling LogoLounge book series.

Only top logos make the cut, and 3 of my logo designs are among the top 3,000 marks published in this highly-respected design book.

logolounge 12 logo book cover displayed on top of a dark background
logolounge 12 badge of honor certificates displayed on top of a dark background

Letter M Logo

Designed for a client in France, this is easily one of my top favorite marks that illustrates how thoughtfully-conceptualized negative space and clever use of geometry can help create a modern, memorable mark that is truly one-of-a-kind. The concept behind the mark is based on a letter M formed in a negative space by a stylized, geometric shape of a heart.

geometric letter m logo design shown on a page inside logolounge 12 design book

Vault Fund Logo

Vault Fund is a fund of funds manager focused on the best global venture studios and formation funds, with a particular focus on investments in the technology sector. In addition to an iconic minimalist logo mark, I’ve also crafted a custom word mark that complements the design aesthetic of the unique logo mark as well as conveys the attributes defined with the client.

Vault Fund letter V logo design shown on a page inside logolounge 12 design book

2 Step Reviews Logo & App Icon

Logo mark + app icon design for 2 Step Reviews – a truly effective online platform/mobile app that aggregates the online reviews of a business into a dashboard to help their clients gather reviews and grow their businesses. The mark/icon is constructed from a perspective view of the 2 steps in the negative space combined with a unique shape of a speech bubble that denotes a review.

logolounge 12 book with 2 Step Reviews logo mark design displayed on an open page
3 logo designs published in the logolounge 12 book

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