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Creative Process

The Process Matters

Design without strategy is mere artistic decoration. Strategy without knowledge is blind guesswork. No brand established on blind guesswork has ever succeeded. This is precisely where my zero in™ Creative Process comes into action.

Developed over the years of building meaningful and evocative brand identities for amazing clients, my zero in™ Creative Process is the strategic brand development framework I utilize to deliver strategy-backed, creative solutions to my clients. Throughout this process, we explore the bigger picture for your brand by asking both simple and complex questions. We zero in on your brand’s identity, goals, competitive landscape, and determine benchmarks that will help us identify the most effective solutions for your brand.

“Serge is almost a mind-reader.”

Kyle MassettFounding Partner at Knock Knock Tavern

The zero in™ Creative Process



This is the backbone of my creative process for building strong, evocative brands. Creating the perfect identity for a brand requires that I gain clarity and foresight into your business. From learning more about you and your brand to identifying your UVPs/USPs and associated challenges, my dedicated zero in™ Brand Discovery Questionnaire and our conversations help us create a cohesive snapshot of your brand as well as establish meaningful benchmarks for evaluating the success of the project as we move through each phase.



Here, I conduct in-depth research into your industry, competitors, opportunities, and existing designs to fully understand the competitive landscape that your brand faces in order to help guide the brand positioning and create a cohesive presence for your brand that will help eclipse your competition.


Ideation & Sketching

This is where the pencil meets the paper and the creative magic happens! After soaking in all the details of the Discovery and Research stages, I get to flex my creative brain muscles and interpret the information gathered in previous phases into the various ways your brand can come to life visually. I brainstorm ideas through my mapping and sketching process in order to come up with the most effective and evocative solutions that will meet the benchmarks established in the Discovery phase.



In this phase, I select the strongest and most effective design directions that came out of the Ideation & Sketching phase, and bring them into the digital domain in order to polish them up, pair them up with an appropriate typeface for the word mark, develop logo + word mark lockup options, experiment with the website favicon solutions, and define the proposed color palette selection for the brand.



This is the phase where I present you with the concepts selected with each one accompanied by my design rationale in a dedicated Presentation Deck. Each direction also includes size and orientation variations with application examples specifically tailored to your brand’s anticipated and/or existing applications. The goal at this stage is to evaluate which concept will be the most successful at identifying your brand and resonating with you target audience.



Here, we make any micro refinements to the proposed solution to shape the final logo mark for your brand. Depending on the additional services that you also require, this is also where we incorporate the color palettes, typography, patterns, icons, stationery, apparel, packaging, etc. into the complete branding solution for your brand. We wrap it all up with a dedicated Brand Identity Guidelines document so you can confidently utilize your brand assets moving forward.



Finally, I package up all the files and resources into a digital e-package containing all the appropriate file types of your approved visual solution, properly sized and formatted for your intended use, of course. I also include a handy How-To-Use Guide explaining the use for different file formats, together with a signed Transfer of Copyright document for your project. Now, you’re all set to confidently use and display your brand-new visual identity to the world at large!

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