Transfer of Copyright Ownership Agreement Template


The Transfer of Copyright Ownership Agreement is a comprehensive 5-page copyright ownership agreement that helps designers effectively maintain and transfer control of their creative intellectual property to clients.

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What is the Transfer of Copyright Ownership Agreement?

This is a comprehensive 5-page document template that facilitates the transfer of the intellectual property ownership for logo marks, typography designs, social media identity designs, icon designs, illustrations, and other brand assets from designers to clients.

Why use this Copyright Transfer Agreement?

A substantial number of clients have limited previous experience working with a designer or a branding agency, and as such, are often unsure as to what rights they hold once a design project is completed. By outlining the particular works for which you are assigning the rights, together with the specific rights that you are assigning to your client + the rights you are retaining for yourself, you will avoid running into misunderstandings or potential legal issues with your clients.

Extra advantages:

  • This copyright ownership transfer template clearly identifies you as the original designer of the creative works provided to your client, reassuring the client that they are getting original works designed by you.
  • This copyright ownership transfer template will save your clients the extra complications associated with the process of officially registering their trademark with the USPTO by providing them a document that clearly authenticates their ownership of the copyright.

How do I use it?

Open this template in either Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer, and replace the template content with your own. This template includes all the necessary agreement language inside. You can also modify the content to your specific projects needs. Once completed, save it as a pdf and forward it together with the final files you plan to hand over to your client.

What can I customize?

You can move, edit or change all the elements in this template. The colors are also editable so you can change the palette to suit your own branding.

What sizes does it come in?

US Letter (11 x 8.5″)

Do the templates include the photographs or the mockups?

No, the photographs and mockups are for illustrative purposes only.


The template uses free fonts and links to the fonts used are included inside the file folder.



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